Little Explorers Club + Eerie Echolocation: How Animals Talk

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How do animals see where they are going and how to get their food if they are in dark places? Some animals use echolocation! Animals like bats and dolphins and whales use this method to find food and communicate in the dark! Join us at Little Explorers’ Club as we find out what echolocation is and how it is used in the animal world! 

*Little Explorers Club is intended for children aged 3-5
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*We require a 24 hour cancellation notice for Little Explorers Club and JAM Sessions reservations via emailing Please include the name on the reservation, number of students, date and time of the class.

*Please help create an outstanding learning environment by limiting disruptions in the classroom! 

Parents are, of course, always welcome to remain in class but should a parent choose to step out, we have provided a seating area just outside the classrooms. Parents and siblings are also welcome to explore our Discovery Room or the rest of the Museum until the class concludes.