Cinema & Science + Sci-Flix: Outbreak

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Date: Friday, Nov. 16th from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Movie Time: TBD

In collaboration with KU Edwards Campus and K-State Olathe we will be hosting a joint Cinema+Science/Sci-Flix event. We will screen the 1995 movie "Outbreak" at Cinetopia. The premise of the movie is: "The US Army discovers a deadly virus in an African jungle camp and erases all evidence of it. Nevertheless, an infected white-headed capuchin monkey arrives in the United States and begins spreading the disease. The Army is, again, forced to take drastic action to contain the outbreak."

We’ll then return to the MAP for a panel discussion on contagions and global health crises including how modern outbreaks are managed to limit the spread of disease.

The panel will feature Drs. Nancy and Jerry Jaax, about whom the book The Hot Zone and the movie Outbreak are based, as well as other experts in the field. The Drs. Jaax were part of a military team that led the response in Reston, VA when a primate lab was found to have monkeys infected with ebola. They, along with a team of other scientists, prevented it from spreading to the human population. The National Geographic channel is creating a miniseries about the events and Juliana Margulies has been cast to play Nancy Jaax!